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About Us.

Your brand is an extension of your personality and no one wants to be the ‘average joe’ sitting in the corner on their lonesome. It’s time to stand out and be noticed.

Enter, Cape Town Active (CTA). Your go-to hub for all your brand building needs and Cape Towns’ one-stop central connection to activities, adventures, and experiences in this unique city.

Conceptualised and driven by adventure enthusiasts, the goal at CTA is to make finding the next adrenalin fix that much easier. Via CTA, locals and tourists alike looking for “what to do” in your city is simple.

Thinking about listing your adventure experience with Cape Town Active?

For adventure companies feeling dazed in the sandstorm of 21st century know-how, Cape Town Active is the answer to one of the most common questions asked today, 

“How do I succeed in a sea of competition and get noticed above the rest?”.

Cape Town Active is designed to drive adventure seekers directly to your booking platform via our social platforms and help you get your brand image on point.